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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 28, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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♪ >>neil: going with governor rick a day after new hampshire's biggest newspaper all but gives romney the finger. welcome, everybody, it is enough to give mitt a fit, passing on the surest frontrunner, and joe arpaio throw, his support behind the present texas governor but rick perry's gain is not romney's only loss. iowa is holding secret meetings. to the washington examiner byron york on what is behind the smoke and whether for romney it is now becoming a political fire. >>reporter: well, it is clear there are a lot of republicans
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who are doing everything they can to avoid supporting romney. there is just in way around that. the group in iowa, a lot of social conservatives have not committed yet. they realize if the field is spinserred romney has a chance and they think if we can get behind a single candidate we could possibly stop romney. they have narrowed the field to rick perry, michele bachmann, to rick santorum and gingrich, of course, and they have absolutely decided that they could never support romney. so, right now there are a last people doing everything they can to stay away from rock any. >>neil: it does not surprise me that much in iowa. but connecting the dots, if you are romney are you worried or
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did you think you put this to bed? some weeks ago in before the debates? >>reporter: well, the romney campaign had a conference call with governor pawlenty who now has endorsed romney talking specifically about the endorsement of the new hampshire union leader of gingrich. they said can you not win them all and look at all the high profile new hampshire endorsements that romney has won. he is fine. but there is no doubt that the romney people wish they could have gotten that endorsement and they think it it is a coup for gingrich but new hampshire was the place that romney is planning to win. big. and if this is a contest in new hampshire he has a different race than he thought. >>neil: you mention iowa and the conservatives particularly rural conservative voters and it is a state that will see a lost
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conservative players potentially canceling each other out so the renewed interest on part of the romney campaign to give it much of a "go," in ask -- that state. does he have a chance? >>guest: who does, if you look at the polls he is polling between 20 percent and 25 percent and sometimes in the lead. sometimes in second place. never very far behind. what i have discovered in reporting in iowa the people who support romney are firm in their commitment to romney. the people who support the other candidates could probably change their mind. so, it still is extremely fluid and we have more than a month, now, and it is possible that romney could be a winner in iowa. >>neil: what i hear a lot about, the romney folks, saying keep in mind there have been a lot of candidate whose have been rising and falling, they have a
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moment in the sun, and then, the sun then sets back to romney and they are convinced it will happen again. it could be embarrassing for him that he is the guy they settle on, but, you know, settling is still winning. what do you think of that? >>reporter: well, that is entirely possible. if you look at the rise and fall of michele bachmann, of rick perry, of herman cain and now you look at gingrich, riding very high but has flaws as a candidate that the legendary gingrich baggage is real and republicans not just in iowa but new hampshire and south carolina are working through that and gingrich could fade as the other candidates have faded. if you look at a graph of everybody's fortunes you see candidates with graphs that look like the matterhorn, up and down and romney is like a straight line going along at 25 percent.
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>>neil: thank you, byron york. and now, a new ad to get sarah palin if the race. right now. >> the challenge is not to replace obama in 2012 but, who is what we will relays him with. >>neil: the guy behind that ad, with conservatives for palin. any reaction from governor sarah palin? >>guest: nothing yet. nothing yet. but we were not expecting anything. we undertook the project because we believe she would be the best candidate and the best president of all the republicans running. the purpose of running the television ad in iowa is to encourage her to get into the race. everyone respects her decision and we hope ...
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>>neil: it has only been a month since she announced she would not consider a run. what do you think has changed? >>guest: there is a void in the field for a conservative outsider with executive experience. she is the only one who would fit that now that other candidates have faded and represents the best combination of executive experience and conservative values and principles. >>neil: do you really think so. she did not have a last executive expense. she resigned her post as governor a little after a year of being governor. is that a lot of experience? >>guest: she has been a public service for the last 20 years and what she, what we would argue, it is in the number of years but what you have accomplished and she probably is the only one who can present a message with some credibility against the crony capitalism that the obama administration has engaged in and she can put together the concerns of the occupy wall street crowd with the tea party movement.
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everyone recognizes it is a long shot but she has missed a deadline in some the early primary states she needs some help from someone like governor huntsman but she could do well in the early states to compete in primary states where she has not missed the deadline. >>neil: do you father you are damaging the other candidates by encouraging her in this race? for the right reasons, of course. i know you are passionate. but, that it makes the others like like, second, third, or eighth best? >>guest: no, the candidate whose are struggling are still eling for their own reason. we just family she would make 9 best candidate to run for the
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nomination. >>neil: the country g.o.p. candidates taking this seriously and we will ask congresswoman michele bachmann early beneficiary of the governor not entering the race at 20 minutes after the hour. stocks soaring today. the dow up nearly 300 points. because of this? that was sure eel, a record flub of americans jammed the stores and everyone getting person sprayed for trying to get their hands on the best of deals. not good for those getting sprayed. but good for the stores. in all 226 million shoppers packing the wall. actually, that was my wife, going to the stores 226 million times. they spent $400 on average a
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person, for the black friday holiday weekend kickoff. and over all sales surging 7 percent and held by those early door buster deals. and do not celebrate, my guest says. the shoppers get out but did their shopping earlier than normal? >>guest: they did. we saw the ads early on thank that. people were out this spending money. i'm glad you mentioned it was your wife because i thought it was mine. >>neil: we will split the difference, 113 million shoppers, twice. >>guest: listen, here is the problem. you get the sales out today but the retailers must not for get from this period today on to christmas holiday, that is 50 percent, 50 percent of the holiday sales' season. the battle could be won but the back end is just as important. >>neil: when i see the
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stampedes, but this person spraying incident was an anomaly but if you are in that were of a need for a low price, say, plasma jane or gadget or electronic item, then taking the craziness aside, it must say something about maybe the built in appetite to finally splurge, or no? >>guest: i'm not sure. there is something people enjoy about going and getting the x box for $100 off or an iphone. >>imus: but you have toship to get it. >>guest: exactly. >>shepard: you have to go into a store to do that. >>guest: but if your mind you feel like you win. but you are right, on the margin, that shopper is not necessarily the person that brings up the bottom line. one issue i have with the resale numbers today is the margins on some of the products the companies have put on sale are so then you cannot see them as far as how much profit the
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companies are making. association the reality is, getting people out in the first few days of the holiday shopping season, does that lead to more spend down the road? >>guest: you have your doubts about that and you point out that sales do not equally making money and getting goods off the shelf but you may not be making money but the fact that the gains were so appreciable over last thanksgiving weekend, what do you think that says? >>guest: well, it means that the consumer at least here in the united states is boater off than what we think. they don't get a last credit. i wrote on my blog how the u.s. consumers need as thank you because we have helped keep things going the last couple of years but, look, you look at the job market, you look at the output of the u.s. economy, it is weak. wages are not growing. so the consumer is very close to getting tapped out and while it is great to see gains over last
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year we could be coming to the end of that. >>neil: very good point. good to see you again. forget burning up taxpayer cash, now just burning up. period. everyone have their new blackberry from at&t?
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>>neil: another jolt but is the famous volt at risk of becoming a joke? volt battery catching fire now general motors is catching heated. the failed out automaker in full damage control after two government crash tests result in electric car fires. federal investigation underway and now loaner cars are outside to any volt owner who is worried. we will get to the company statement in a minute. we have a global warming skeptic here, who wonders why the government is still spending $1 billion on the plug ins. but the government is.
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the supporters are. what do you make of this? >>guest: amazing. amid new fire concerns over the energy company saying not to use the home charging station after suspicious home fires originating in garage so they are investigating the charging station, the battery technology and the problem is they are subjected to rollovers if they are not discharged, the battery becomes unstable and equivalent to having a full tank of gas as far as a fire hazard. they have a very serious problem on their hand and if it were not politically correct you would have ralph nader demanding an investigation but because silt a technology green that is green they get silence. >>neil: the statement is volt is five star safety car and although no customers have experienced what was identified in this testing of this situation but we are taking
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steps toll work on the satisfaction and safety. >>guest: this is a marketing nightmare. they have done marketing surveys that show the car has not met half the sales goal for 2011. in egg land electric cars are worse and norway it is the same. electric cars are a consumer nightmare problem right now and this can be nothing but a further headache. there will be all sorts of accusations. the will the federal government, and the national transportation board apologized for investigating it, they did not want to investigate it, do they have the same scrutiny they bring to off sure drilling, the keystone pipeline and more? >>neil: that will not happen. give the benefit of the doubt to the fire incidents. what happens with the cars you knock the battery out of place the coolant tube that provides
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coolant, that is charged so it heats up and goes crazy. but it is not common. and there obviously are many volt owners many of whom are right now speaking on the blogs. but what they miss is they are a small group not mimicked by sales. >>guest: no, next, in 1896 we had the robert electric car. guess what what happenedded? how many miles a charge? 40 mile as charge, 115 years ago. the same as the volt advertising. though improved zero miles. something to think about when you talk about the "new" technology of electric cars. >> do you think if they did not have to plug it in, it could enmajor more attention? >>guest: absolutely. what they do to the power grid,
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and the amount of energy it uses, what it does to the power greed overnight, it will be amazing. and people have said these are as dirty as diesel because of coal powered fire plants, so the whole technology is very questionable. studies show it takes eight years to get back the expense of the electric scar behalf you talk about fire safety we issues. >> thank you, buddy. >> now that they are burning our flag, does michele bachmann still think we pakistan should burn through our dollars? she is next. [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift,
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>>neil: we are just getting
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word that the investment agency has afilled our aaa rating on u.s. debt but revised the outlook to negative so that may not last. there are three premiere debt rating agencies: s&p 500 which lowered that aaa rating, and that was a smack. and moody's has hinted of a similar move to follow. we have not heard from moody's. but this means two of the three rating agencies have at the least revised their out look for u.s. debt to negative. and s&p could move to downgrade debt if this quagmire in washington over getting spending under control continues. >> in the meantime, burning our flag despite billions in aid? pakistanis take to the streets torching the flag and president obama after strikes kill 24
4:24 pm
pakistani soldiers. and here is michele bachmann on the phone with us now. the congresswoman serves on the influential house intelligence committee. what do you make of this? >>guest: well, it is disgusting to see that because we have tried in every way we can to extend a hand to pakistan and this is the kind of thanks we get. but pakistan is a volatile, volatile neighborhood. the united states has given security assistance to pakistan and pakistan is a nuclear country. they have over 100 nuclear weapons. they also have terrorist militias and al qaeda and a thin veneer of a government, and they are fragile. and we have two main concerns in pakistan. one is our relationship where they do cooperate with us on tracking done al qaeda. that is a positive. but the other concern we have is the fact they are highly vulnerable to penetration by jihadist stealing nuclear
4:25 pm
weapons and material and could be used against israel if the region or potentially if it escaped the country of pakistan it could be used against us in the united states to set off a dirty bomb. we need to make sure that never happens. and that is why it is imperative with our security assistance we focus on what the united states needs. and that is a secure nuclear site in pakistan. >>neil: quoting you from a recent debate you put it astutely, that they are too nuclear to fail. nevertheless, because of the nuclear capability, can we be too inclined to give them money to keep them safe when we don't know exactly where the money is going and whether al qaeda or other elements are in play we might be handing money to the wrong guys? >>guest: that would be not in our interest. we would not want to do that. much of the money we do spend is on security assistance.
4:26 pm
it is dealing with intelligence gathering between the united states and pakistan where we are cooperating together as partners against al qaeda. that is positive. and, also, we want to be able to make sure that we for what we need to do to be able to security the nuclear site. we need to remember that china wants to be the influential party in pakistan as well as iran. we don't want to abandon this nuclear nation, highly nuclearized to iranian influence or chinese influence. we want to make sure that the nuclear weapons are not used against either israel or against the united states. that is why this is a very imperfect partnership we have with pakistan, to say the least, but we have to stay engaged with this nation for our own safety and also for the safety of the jewish state of israel. >>neil: we had a maker of an ad on pushing sarah palin, the
4:27 pm
former loss can governor to join the presidential race this fellow saying he doesn't like the choices that are out there right now. what do you thing of that as a possibility of sarah palin reversing herself? >>guest: well, i loved sarah palin. i have tremendous high regard for her and i think she held her own very well as the vice presidential candidate and i honor whatever her decision is if she would like to get in or not i have the highest regards for her, her talents and her ability and she has been undersold but i'm also a presidential candidate, as well, and i think what i bring to this race being consistent constitutional conservative i have strong economic cre citizen shalls, both as a federal tax attorney and also very successful we business creator, but who sits on the financial services committee and i also understand foreign affairs. i'm the only candidate that has
4:28 pm
been involved in classified brief ensure for the last five years, now most particular on the intelligence committee dealing with the national security and classified secrets of the nation. this is an area where our next president as commander in chief will be tested almost immediately and that president needs to understand the very delicate relationship we have around the world and quite frankly, the horrific vulnerability that could be at hand if we don't have a commander in chief who grasps the difficult complex issues. >>neil: you think sitting on the committee there is the risk that you give away the secrets, not intentionally but in the heat of the debate, you could spill the beans. >>guest: of course that has not happened. that would be political detractors. i love and appreciate our country too much to do any sort of divulging. i'm very well-read and that is
4:29 pm
what i think is important that a candidate needs to be well-read. and i would encourage your listeners, take a look at the december issue of "atlantic," magazine to learn more about pakistan there is a tremendous article i encourage people to read because they will see that pakistan is a violent, unstable country, and there are 15 nuclear sites that potentially could be accessible by radical jihadists and six attempts have been made already on those sites. this is a threat that could happy 234th birthday, america where nuclear delivery systems could be stolen and used against the united states or israel. it must never happen and that is why we have to make sure that never occurs. >>neil: quickly, fitch putting the outlook for u.s. debt to the negative implication, that it could be downgraded.
4:30 pm
are you worried? >>guest: it is horrific. again, last summer i was the one who drew the line in the sand and said, we need to pay the interest on the debt so we did not we fault. i believed all 535 members should sit down last summer and start cutting dramatically. it will be painful. it will be a sacrifice but we have to do it because otherwise this could happen and it appears quite likely that fitch will do this and we can't say we weren't warned. we are looking at the united states turning into a banana republic if we go down this path and we have to stop the out-of-control spending. >>neil: be well, congresswoman. >>guest: thank you, always wonderful to speak to you.
4:31 pm
>>neil: don't think reports of $800 billion bailout have a ten to do with you in well, we will say's "that's amore." and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new... verizon.
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>> pressure is on, the president speaking today with european leaders pushing them to act quickly on their debt crisis. ed, did anything come of it? >> more talk of the situation, but, this president knows there is not too much he can do from
4:35 pm
here other than pushing the european leaders to try to come together finally on a deal. the president was kind of waiting cautiously -- wading scabsly hanging over all of this, of court, is with the united states over $15 trillion in debt on its own, it will be hard for this administration or for congress across town to lecture europe and the president was making clear that he wanted to make sure that something is done in the days ahead but that the u.s. is not going to offer any kind of a bailout to europe. he was shutting the door to that, today, and there will be no u.s. taxpayer funds to bail out europe. even as he said looking we want to help, offering no specifics. >> i communicated to him that the united states stands ready to do our part to help them resolve the issue, a future
4:36 pm
help. >> saying it is time to push through the president's job bill because that would guard against the european virus spreading anymore. but as you saw on fox news sundayest with republican leader cymosaing they are not going to go for an extension of the payroll tax cart the jobs bill is still stalled. >> i wanted to tell you i bumped into so many on thanksgiving weekend saying tell ed henry what a great addition she to fox and i said, of course, what about me? they love you. >>guest: that is good to hear but i am sure it comes back to the affable neil neil cavuto. >>neil: that is fine. did you hear about to report the
4:37 pm
international monetary fund is looking at a rescue package for italy. and a congressman says if that is true we should deny every penny. i guess we the lion's share of the imf money? >>guest: the biggest chunks and the irony is if you take this position with what the president just said on the previous statement where he says we will not have any american taxpayers dollars go to bail out the e.u., thank goodness americans are tired of bailouts at home. >>neil: but we are 20 percent, $160 billion. >>guest: that is the question. i wish the we president was pushed by the reporters senator you say no american tax dollars do you mean in direct aid. they need to take a lesson. so, if he means that he should agree with the resolution that is in congress: and that says it is a sense of congress that the
4:38 pm
imf should not use american dollars. we should veto it. if the e.u. comes forward for a bailout. >>neil: an ounce of prevention, if you spend some money to ward off a potential contagion, like the 2008 analogy, it is money william -- well spent. >>guest: some of us have questions about the 2008. i did not support it. what would have occurred if the plan were not in place, we don't know, but remember secretary paulson said we had to go down this road. >>neil: former treasury secretary. >>guest: exactly, and if we were opposed we would be more opposed. merkel is saying, from germany, saying that she would not be
4:39 pm
amenable to having anymore bailouts through the imf but we know the track record over there, as well, they say, no, no, no, no, right into the brinksmanship. >>neil: and you would say, no, no, no. >>guest: whenever this issue comes up. we can find other solutions. >>neil: the biggest threat to all of the republicans hoping to move into the white house may not be from the current occupant of the white house but from one of their own presidential rivals? that is next. [ dr. banholzer ] every once in awhile
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4:43 pm
>>guest: well, i'm holding -- i've been excluded from 14 of the 16 debates. there are still these to go and i'm hoping to get in the debates. i'm a messenger here, regarding a message that i think most americans would like to hear but i've been locked out of the process and it is frustrating. i am the messenger and after me while be someone else. >>neil: i can see your rationale, you feel put aside by your own party, so, is it you in a huff leaving the party? >>guest: well, it might be for the republican, my beef for the republican party they could is said, put gary johnson's name in the poll that determines whether he will be in x debate. just put my name in the poll. that is all i wanted the republican party to stand up for. they would not do that. so, there are a couple of
4:44 pm
debates left, and i hope to be able to have a seat at those tables. to go. >>neil: what have you been told? >>guest: what have i been told by ... >>neil: anyone. about the future debates. >>guest: there is no reason, look, i qualified for the c nbc debate a couple of nbc, the criteria was 3 percent in any national possibility and i was 3 percent in maine and register today run for president and we could not them to return our calls so i don't expect a return of phone call regarding will i be in the debate but just wait-and-see. they come up with a criteria before the debate and mostly the criteria involves showing in polls where my name is not in the poll. >>neil: if you were to go the third party route the art is you would be sticking it to the very republicans you claim are sticking it to you and that you
4:45 pm
would be forever damaged goods in the party doing is. what do you say? >>guest: well, just when it comes to third-party of any kind, a third party of any kind draws from both parties, association really, it is, you know, logically it sounds like that should be the case but the reality is, like i say, it draws from both sides. >>neil: not really, ross perot drew more from george bush than bill clinton and we could differ on that. we can quote different studies but i will go with mine. the other is that ralph nader did not really garner much attention nationally in the states that mattered like florida he took just enough to deny al gore the victory. could you torpedo it for enough the republican guys who you want
4:46 pm
to debate and then hand it to president obama for a second term? >>guest: well, why think is. i do think it is a message and it is about less spending and a message of equality and both share if the blame where we are. that everything is for sale and it is for sale from a political standpoint. the more you contribute, the more tax breaks you build into the system. look we should talk about balancing the federal government and i think we should be talking about enacting a fair tax where at baits it is what the name implies: fair. the more money you make, the more you pay. the notion of foreign competitiveness abroad, the fact that our goods and services costs 23 percent less, doesn't that go a long way toward the whole notion of equality. >>neil: on those who are still in the race, who have this
4:47 pm
situation up, down, up, and down and now gingrich is up, what does that say about this race so far to you? >>guest: it says that it is completely up for grabs but i have never been in the fray to be the mole that get gets whacked. but i don't expect to be in the last debates and this is a very self-fulfilling prophecy when you are not in the debate and you are talking to people who are very supportive and, yet, point out that, gosh, i'm looking at a poll where your name is not even on the poll, why i didn't think the process, i thought the process would be fairer getting into it ahead of time and, wow, there are some snipers out there camouflaged working against me and and it has been very effective.
4:48 pm
>>neil: well watch closely. gary johnson. and after record black friday sales guess what is in store next year? ♪ [ slap! slap! slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums .
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>>neil: all you retail workers who whined about thanksgiving day, let's talk turkey from target to walmart to best buy, these guys talking record sales, spending up 6.6 percent, so from now on working thanksgiving will be a way of life. my next guest skipping out on working thanksgiving, you made it clear you did not want to work thanksgiving and now given the fact that target has had some great sales, are you worried about next year?
4:52 pm
>>guest: we no, i'm not, because time will show that the sale numbers are not accurate. shop tracker, who is saying it was 6.percent increase, well, they measured foot traffic, and a better indication overall is on sustained sales which are only on chart pore 2.8 percent. so i think the numbers that are being bandied about are hollow and the shareholders will be the ones who will decide when they see that earlier openings are not we we rest efficient for them. >>neil: but you raise a good point they could have just robbed for future sales, but what if they didn't. in other words what if there was such a pronounced early going to the season, and this was particularly pronounced this year and the only differentiation was the earlier opening of stores. >>guest: well, first off, the numbers are not accurate.
4:53 pm
that 6.6 percent, i read reports that brick and mortar stores only saw an increase of 2.8 percent factoring in the cat leg orders. >>neil: so you hope -- if you wrong and the owners say, well, we are going to talk turkey next year and open up earlier, what do you think you and your colleagues will say, and do? >>guest: well, i hope if they do have us open early they will institute an actual time off for existing team members and hire the unemployed figures out there, and get them in the stores and employ idea they can spend money. >>neil: no one has targeted you, right? in other words, saying, anthony we let it go this year but you try it next year you are out? >>guest: no, and i believe they won't because at the store
4:54 pm
level my store manager is very supportive and the only people upset are in minneapolis. >>neil: anthony we will see what happens. thank you. syracuse university, penn state, you decide.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
♪ >> neil: jim boeheim says he is stunned that in all the time he knew the assistant coach, he never knew this and never saw this, but apparently syracuse university has. today, abruptly firing bernie fine after a third man accused the assistant basketball coach of molesting him nine years ago. now reports this was not a surprise. fine's prior alleged behavior a complete shock. reports others were aware of incidents, including fine's own wife. the same kind of talk that for years apparently dogged penn state football defensive coordinator jerry sandusky. get from soon to be fired joe
4:58 pm
paterno at the time initially shock at those charges. joe didn't see any of this coming, at penn state. nor did jim at syracuse university. in fact, coach boehemim more incredulous putting out equally incredulous statement. "i known bernie fine for more than 40 years, i have never seen or witnessed anything to suggest that he would have been involved in any of the activities alleged." it's true and accepting both coaches' reaction at face value and their words, it wouldn't be the first time that those supposedly in the know didn't know. you hear this with crazy mass killers later described by neighbors and acquaintances -- stop me if you heard this before -- they were so quiet, so unassuming, the last guys you would think would do something like this. just a really nice guy as an associate of the late serial killer and rapist john wayne gacy famously put it. then it got me thinking, which is always dangerous. how does this happen? how are so many, so fooled by
4:59 pm
some so evil, or at the very least charged with something so evil? i suspect maybe they're too busy to psychoanalyze, and others too normal to consider some around them being abnormal. which might explain normal people dealing with abnormal people by bringing them up through the normal chain of command. maybe too focused on the here and now. building a brand to consider the well documented report of detailing a dark side of a guy single handedly destroying it. it happens all the time. ask any corporate whistle blower who dares to report the underbelly of the otherwise much beloved corporate peace. they end up being the beast, the ones talking about the beast. not the guys running the beast. beast is hard to ignore. beastly headline simply too hard to stop.


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